80 for Brady – TRAILER


Landing in our inbox if the 80 for Brady trailer that is inspired by a true life story. The film follows four best friends living life to the fullest when they take a wild trip to the 2017 Super Bowl LI to see their hero Tom Brady play.

Starring Academy Award® nominee Lily Tomlin, Academy Award® winner Jane Fonda, Academy Award® winner Rita Moreno and Academy Award® winner Sally Field, with 7-time Super Bowl Champion and producer Tom Brady. All growing old gracefully looking their age apart from Jane Fonda who seems to be aging in reverse and is likely to appear as the baby in any remake of Look Who’s Talking. It’s unusual for a film about an American sports star for such a specifically American sport to get a release out side of the US and it is the cast that that are the draw here although some might feel that 80 for Brady might well refer to the IQ score of US football stars but we digress.

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The appeal for senior stars of Hollywood was seen with Book Club (reviewed HERE) which also starred Fonda and was a huge success so its easy to see why this got greenlit and in fairness this looks good natured fun.

80 FOR BRADY is coming to cinemas in 2023.

Here’s the 80 for Brady trailer….


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