A Barbie spin off film for Ken?

Barbie spin off film for Ken?

With Barbie having been the biggest earning film of 2023 with $1.4b a sequel would seem a dead cert but it seems that might not be the case with reports suggesting that the film was only ever intended as a one off rather than,say, a trilogy. Well now reports are coming in of a possible Barbie spin off film for Ken.

Co-writers Noah Baumbach and Great Gerwig have both been asked and both have said  that they cannot comment on it rather than an out right denial suggesting that something is afoot with Gerwig adding, ‘I guess we’ll see!’ However an industry insider has said that at present it is only in the ‘ideas’ stage.

However it is known that early drafts of the script delved further into examining the cultural impact of Ken and his relationship with the Barbie brand. Scenes cut from the script gave more screen time to exploring real-world examples of the “Ken effect.” One such sequence had Ryan Gosling appearing as himself, interspersed with his role as the plastic Mattel doll.

We tapped into whatever the Ken/Ryan voice was in such a way – we had way too much material for Ken. We would write and write and write,” Gerwig said. “Yeah don’t give it away because we might do … there was more about what the Ken effect in the real world was,” Baumbach added.

Quite whether we will see a barbie spin off film for Ken remains to be seem but it would seem a strong likelihood.

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