In 2018 from out of nowhere came modestly budgeted horror thriller A Quiet Place starring Emily Blunt and directed & co-starring her husband John Krasinski. Audiences went wild for it and the film earned a huge $340m off its tiny $17m budget. Intended as a one off an unintended sequel was quickly greenlit and summer 2019 saw the sequel go into production. For Krasinski it presented him with the problem of what a follow up should be did he even want to helm a sequel?

A Quiet Place Part II blu ray , DVD & digital download review here....

The theme of first film had very much been about parents doing anything for their children but for Krasinski the key to the second film was that children will want to go out into the big wide world on their own  and here it would be the real life hearing impaired Millicent Simmonds as the daughter Regan who  would follow in her father’s brave and smart footsteps and would be as important to the story as her mother. The film having been delayed from its April 2020 release due to the pandemic and it was the first screening to be pulled from press screenings with many others following in quick succession as the cinemas shut down. It was the right film to greet audiences when the cinemas in the UK reopened and unintentionally and ironically could now be read as a comment on what we have all been living under for the past 18 months. Audiences swarmed back to se A Quiet Place Part II a sequel that picks up where the first film left off following the Abbott family who now face the terrors of the outside world. Forced to venture into the unknown, they realize the creatures that hunt by sound are not the only threats lurking beyond the sand path. Read our review HERE

Audiences loved it with the film earning $296m an impressive amount despite audiences still tentatively  wary of returning  to the big screen and now we have A Quiet Place Part II blu ray, DVD and digital download with the film still as much of a thrill on the small screen as it was on the big. This Home Entertainment release has a number of decent featurettes which are very much of the EPK variety with a Directors Diary probably being the best with Krasinski now having written this sequel as well as directing a film with the first arrival of these perfect killing machines and he states that his backstory for the monsters origins is that they were from an overpopulated world in darkness and hence they evolved this super sensory hearing and are intent on one thing only….making Earth their own by killing the population.

This second film sees the creatures out of the darkness and in full daylight as well as in water which presented a whole new raft of issues for the visual effects team that is covered in one of the discs featurettes (read our own piece on the films visual effects HERE) in a film that used minimal blue screen and was shot on location. The other element crucial to the film was its use of sound and much like the first film it captured the very essence of cinema with its emphasis on visuals and its occasional scenes that use silence brilliantly. What is missing from the disc though is a directors  commentary especially as Krasinski had written the screenplay too and for FX fans a more thorough exploration of the effects would not have gone amiss but that said it’s the film that’s the thing and this is as exhilarating a ride as the first and has us already eager to see a third film which has already been greenlit.

Here’s our own interview we did with star Emily Blunt and John Krasinski about A Quiet Place Part II blu ray / dvd…..



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