A Star is Born – TRAILER

.......he waited to see what her reaction would be when she realised the microphone was covered in glue.....

Here’s the first glimpse of the A Star is Born trailer. With a version made in 1937 then 1954 and finally in 1976 with Barbra Streisand it appears the studios think its right for a fourth remake. This time it’s with Bradley Cooper (in his directorial debut) and potty pop princess Lady Gaga although we’re pretty sure that that is a stage name.

Bradley Cooper plays seasoned musician Jackson Maine, who discovers – and falls in love with – struggling artist Ally (Lady Gaga). As Ally’s career takes off, the personal side of their relationship is breaking down. The 1976 version of the film was a massive success and Cooper and Gaga are a good combo and should have wide appeal.

Gaga was not first choice for the role as her star has been on the wane with her last couple of albums not doing expected business and inevitably it was Beyonce who was wanted but negotiations broke down and after a screen test Gaga won over the studio. Thankfully she was more moderately dressed than normal and rumours that she was dressed as a microwave oven with bacon for shoes, M&M’s sellotaped to her face and her head painted green were made up…….by us.

A Star is Born trailer has concert scenes of which one was shot at Glastonbury 2017 but others were shot at Coachella.

Two members of the cast we find intriguing is Dave Chapelle and Andrew Dice Clay. Chapelle is a popular and respected US comedian having filmed a number of stand up shows and has small roles in films as varied as Con Air & The Nutty Professor. Clay on the other hand is a love him or loath him comedian and is mostly loathed especially by UK comedians due to his misogynist and arrogant stage persona which seems to be the real deal off screen too yet he still managed to land a role in Woody Allen’s 2013 film ‘Blue Jasmine’.

a star is born trailer

A Star is Born opens in the US & UK on 5th October 2018.

Here’s the A Star is Born trailer…….


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