Actors who were almost cast as superheroes……..

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We’ve had a whole load of superhero films out already with just about all the big names covered Spiderman, Batman and many of Marvel’s featured in Captain America: Civil War so we thought we’d have a look at actors who were very almost cast as some of the iconic heroes.

Nicholas Cage as Superman in Superman Lives

This was going to be a Tim Burton epic with a Kevin Smith script and sets part built and loads of test footage shot with Cage in costume until the production company got cold feet and pulled the plug on the whole production.


Tom Cruise as Iron Man

It’s hard to see anyone more suited for the role than Robert Downey Jr but Tom Cruise almost accepted the role but decided to make another Mission Impossible.


Leonardo DiCaprio as Spiderman

Again turned the role down for more serious roles.


Bill Murray as Batman

Yes really! This was due to Warner Bros originally wanting to make a campy version like the 60’s TV series before deciding on the darker  Michael Keaton /Tim Burton film.


Jack Black as one of the Green Lanterns

With Ryan Reynolds in the lead it was felt it had enough light moments – didn’t help though as the film proved a huge financial disaster.


Robin Williams as the Joker

Williams was a shoo-in as The Joker for the 3rd Batman film but then along came Jim Carrey and Ace Ventura quickly followed by The Mask. Both films blew everyone away with his performances and box office returns and he was naturally offered the role first.



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