Alita : Battle Angel – 1st TRAILER

.......the shop mannequin suddenly realised it had a real head.......

Robert Rodriguez has been quiet for some while having not directed a film since the ‘Sin City’ sequel in 2014 and had been dabbling in a number of TV shows but 2018 will see his biggest ever budgeted film, the $200m special effects extravaganza Alita : Battle Royale which we told you about here.

Well it looks like a long shoot has been finished and here’s the first trailer for what looks like one of next years big summer blockbusters. Yo us it looks like cross between Valerian and Ghost in the Shell both of which struggled to make their mark at the box office. Hope fully this will do better….. but at lest this has the rather gorgeous Jennifer Connelly in it

Here’s the trailer…….


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