All is not well in the DC Universe……


Batman v Superman, having had its theatrical run, had the studio hoping to make a $1billion and the launch of a franchise.

But intentions don’t always work out that way with the film with BvS making $863,000,000 which is hardly small change. However the critical drubbing it got has been sending waves through its intended spin offs with news that the scriptwriter Seth Graham Smith set to make his directorial debut on ‘The Flash’ now having left the project for the usual reason, ‘creative differences’. Seems he’s gone in a flash (‘Stop it! – Ed). At the moment it still has a release date of March 2018. Let’s hope that the problem is just a flash in the pan! (‘STOP IT!’ – Ed)

Perhaps also going the same way is ‘Aquaman’ which is set to be directed by horror maestro James Wan. Rumour has it that he is ‘feeling a tremendous amounts of trepidation’ and is in the midst of finalising whether he now really wants to do it with so much pressure and expectation from the studio. It’s also rumoured that after BvS fell short of their earning expectations the studio is becoming a lot more hands on.

He  had a stressful time on ‘Fast 7’ when production went on a forced hiatus due to the death of one of its stars Paul Walker and since then he has returned to horror with the forthcoming sequel , ‘The Conjuring 2’ out in June. We spoke to him a few weeks ago about the film and he is utterly charming so we wish him well……

Lets hope Aquaman doesn’t sink !!!! (‘You’re fired’ -Ed)



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