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Now we’re not the biggest fans of dogs, the thought of taking one for a walk and having to scoop up their mess and then walking around with your pockets full of bags of dog poo is lees than compelling. But in fairness dog movies can be fun with The Secret Life of Pets doing well. Anyway landing in our mailbox is The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer which looks like it might be a bit of a tearjerker.

In the heartfelt tale THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN, Milo Ventimiglia stars as Denny, a racecar driver who is devoted to his witty, wise almost human dog, Enzo. More than a pet, Enzo (voiced by Kevin Costner) is Denny’s best friend. Denny meets Eve, a teacher played by Amanda Seyfried; they fall in love, marry and have a baby. With support from Eve and Enzo, Denny learns how to navigate family life, even in times of crisis, using the lessons he’s learned on the race track. Moving, exciting and at times very funny, the film is told from Enzo’s perspective, with the dog’s unique insights into the complexities of family life and the human condition.

art of racing in the rain trailer

Directed by Simon Curtis whose previous films include The Woman in Gold & Goodbye Christopher Robin both of which were very good films that deserved to do better. The movie is based on the 2008 bestseller by Garth Stein who, rumour has it, drew inspiration for the novel after watching a 1998 Mongolian documentary about dogs and then a few years later hearing a poem told from a dogs point of view which later turned out to be Gemma Collins reading her autobiography out loud.

THE ART OF RACING IN THE RAIN is released in UK cinemas August 9th 2019

Here’s The Art of Racing in the Rain trailer……


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