Avatar 2 delay plus the new Star Wars trilogy release dates……..

.......James Cameron had the most complicated TV remote control known to man......

With Walt Disney Pictures now having completed their deal to buy 20th Century Fox the mega studio has recently announced their enormous overhaul of many of their their major film release date schedule notably their Avatar 2 delay. As a part of overhaul some projects have been binned and some of the delays are for years and all has been one in one fell swoop.

The Avatar 2 delay has been for a full year whereas the troubled  and now long delayed. “New Mutants” has been pushed back yet again this time by eight months and at present still has a theatrical release as has the kids family film, “Artemis Fowl,” whilst  the next trilogy of new “Star Wars” films now have dates though obviously the studio will be keeping a keen eye on The Rise of Skywalker after the failure of Solo at the box office.

Films that have been scrapped are, “Gambit” and three untitled Fox-Marvel projects previously set for 2020 & 2021 thought to be “X-Force” and “Dr. Doom”.

avatar 2 delay

So starting with the Avatar 2 delay these are at present highlights from the release date schedule:

December 20th 2019: “Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker”
December 25th 2019: “Spies in Disguise” (FOX)

January 10th 2020: “Underwater” (FOX)
February 14th 2020: “Kingsman: The Great Game” (FOX)
February 21st 2020: “Call of the Wild” (FOX)
March 6th 2020: “Onward”
March 27th 2020: “Mulan”
April 3rd 2020: “The New Mutants” (FOX)
May 29th 2020: “Artemis Fowl
July 3rd 2020: “Free Guy” (FOX)
July 17th 2020: “Bob’s Burgers” (FOX)
July 24th 2020: “Jungle Cruise
August 14th 2020: “The One and Only Ivan” (FOX)
October 9th 2020: “Death on the Nile” (FOX)
November 6th 2020: “Ron’s Gone Wrong” (FOX)
December 18th 2020: “West Side Story
December 23rd 2020: “Cruella”

February 12th 2021: Untitled Marvel Studios Film
March 5th 2021: “Nimona” (FOX)

July 9th 2021: Untitled “Indiana Jones” Film
December 17th 2021: “Avatar 2” (FOX)

December 16th 2022: New “Star Wars” Film #1

December 22nd 2023: “Avatar 3” (FOX)

December 20th 2024: New “Star Wars” Film #2
December 19th 2025: “Avatar 4” (FOX)
December 18th 2026: New “Star Wars” Film #3
December 17th 2027: “Avatar 5” (FOX)

Here we spoke to producer Jon Landau on the Alita promotional trail and here’s what he said about an Avatar trailer…….


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