Avatar the theme park……

.......the six daren't disobey him in case they were forced to be dyed blue also......

Although the first of the three sequels to ‘Avatar’ are not due to hit the screens until 2018 it seems that the theme park ride is on target to open in Summer 2017.

It’s  Disney (unsurprisingly) who are opening the World of Avatar at their Animal Kingdom theme park in Disney World, Florida and from the look of this preview video we’re guessing they’ve probably spent in excess of $4 (economics was never out strong point) in recreating the world and it seems to have involved all manner of technical wizardry and quite what you’ll see on the boat ride at the end is anyone’s guess although we don’t think it’s going to be a giant tree falling over. Equally, we’re not sure that you have to be nine foot tall and blue to work there either.

Our Editor is certainly interested but that’s probably because we asked him if he’d like to enter Pandora (‘You’re fired! – Ed).

Here’s a glimpse of what to expect if you’re going there this Summer…….


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