Bad Boys 3 gets a new title……

THAT Will Smith slap - - Bad Boys 4 directors tell all
.......they were both very bad boys as neither had tucked their shirts in......

So with Will Smith riding high on the success of Suicide Squad despite the mostly negative reviews attention now turns to the long in preparation sequel to Bad Boys and Bad Boys 2 which is defying convention and has now officially been confirmed as being titled, ‘Bad Boys for Life’, we would have liked the film makers to have added ‘….and not just for Christmas’ but you can’t have everything.

Anyway the release date is also being pushed back from June 2017 to Jan 2018 also which will probably impact on a proposed release date for a fourth film in July 2019 but it all depends on how this new film fares at the box office.

Unfortunately the insanity of Michael Bay will not be revisited on the new film as he’s busy directing giant robots on the new Transformers film but Joe Carnahan will take the directing reins who’s no slouch in that department either.


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