Barbenheimer the movie…..

Barbenheimer the movie - Be Afraid,, be very afraid!

With the Barbenheimer blockbuster weekend being such a huge success that saw Barbie earning  £1.441 billion and Oppenheimer earning $946m it was almost inevitable that a low budget version of both would appear and hence we have news of Barbenheimer the movie that will goes into production next year with the tag line, “D-Cup, A-Bomb,”!

Will cynics call it a cash in?   Well those cynics would be absolutely correct says Charles Band, the prolific B-movie icon who has been making low-budget horror comedies since the early 1970s.

The story will follow Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, a brilliant scientist doll living in Dolltopia, a world of endless summers and beach parties, and her boyfriend Twink Dollman. The Dr is incensed by the brutal treatment the dolls receive at the hands of human children and so ventures into the real world where she experiences humanity at its worst and, naturally, decides to build a giant nuclear bomb to take it all out.

Barbenheimer the movie will soon have  a cast and director who are soon to be announced, and while its budget of just under $1 million may rule out both Gerwig or Margot Robbie, it does make the film one of Band’s more expensive.

And although it may entirely be intended to exploit the biggest Hollywood moment of the year,  it doesn’t stop at just the film. There’s merchandise too with producer Charles Band’s Full Moon  production outfit having a premium toy division too. Apparently  he’s spent the last few months working on some special, decidedly un-Mattel dolls. The final design isn’t quite ready yet, but there is one aspect Band is willing to share. “Let’s just say she’ll definitely have her arms around a big atomic bomb.”

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source : Hollywood reporter


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