Beetlejuice 2…….

....he was feeling a little green about the gills......

Since the critical success of ‘Birdman’ actor Michael Keaton’s career has been back on the ascent with him appearing in the Oscar winning ensemble piece ‘Spotlight’ . Since then he’s completed ‘The Founder’ later this year and he’s curently shooting the new Spiderman film where he’s appearing as the villain and then will next shoot an adaptation of Vince Flynn’s bestselling novel series “American Assassin”.

So what’s happened to the sequel to one of his earlier and most popular films, Tim Burtons’ Beetlejuice. It was all the talk over the past year with the sequel meant to going forward into production. Variety magazine asked him about the film and for those looking forward to him reprising his role…well…..his reply isn’t promising saying:

‘You always hear things, that this is happening, and people seem to know more about it than I do…. it’s possible that ship has sailed. The only way to do it is to do it right. So much of it was improvised and so much was beautifully handmade by the artist that is Tim Burton. If you can’t get close to that, you leave it alone. There are certain movies that are like Indian burial grounds. You never ride over them. Bad s— happens if you cross that. You don’t touch certain things. They are sacred.”

That would seem to be a big NO but things always change and the pressure for a sequel will only increase if his next films are as big a success as Birdman & Spotlight…….


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