blur To The End – TRAILER

Blur to the End - the band reform for their first ever Wembley gig

Landing in our inbox is the blur: To The End trailer that depicts the most recent chapter in the band’s story, captured during the period in which they made a surprise – and emotional – return.

The documentary follows the unique relationship of four friends – and bandmates of three decades – Damon Albarn, Graham Coxon, Alex James and Dave Rowntree as they came together in early 2023 to record new songs ahead of their sold-out, first ever shows at London’s Wembley Stadium in July last summer. Featuring performances of their most iconic, much-loved songs, footage of the band in the studio and life on the road, blur: To The End is an intimate moment in time with this most enduring of English bands, who have been at the heart of British cultural life and influence for over three decades.

Speaking in the film, Alex James said – “We’ve barely communicated for the last 10 years… I mean even when we really split up, it didn’t take this long to make a record, but what’s wonderful is as soon as the four of us get in a room together, it’s just exactly the same as it was when we were all 19….

With Graham Coxon adding – “With each other… In the nineties, it was a very intense time. On the same sort of level as a relationship, or marriages and things like that. I think it’s okay to say that time apart was taken up with other friendships and just sort of recuperating or doing other things.

Dave Rowntree said – “The fact that we haven’t always got on, that is one of the chemistry points that has led to us being able to make the music we do. I’m absolutely convinced of it.”

Damon Albarn said – “I don’t think any of us thought we’d make another record, especially not a record like this. I suppose that’s why I wanted to try and make it as good as possible.” Speaking later in the film, he added – “We all have hugely involving and complicated lives and we’re so lucky that we get to spend this time together, just the four of us. And that’s the beauty of it…”

blur: To The End is is released on 19th July 2024 ans is directed by Toby L whose previous music documentary was ‘Liam Gallagher : Knebworth 22’ .

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Here’s the ‘blur To The End’ trailer…..


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