Bond beats Avengers


After being delayed for almost 18 months the anticipation for No Time to Die was huge and it was reflected in its box office returns certainly in the UK where Bond beats Avengers as it is  within reach of overtaking Avengers: Endgame in the U.K. to take the fifth spot in the list of biggest box office releases of all time.

At present has earned £85.9 million ($117.3 million) in the UK exactly a month after its Nov. 1 release and just $3.8 million shy of Endgame‘s grand total of £88.7 million ($121.1 million). If Bond beats Avengers then these figures are hugely impressive and its worldwide distributor Universal as much was riding on what was regarded as the biggest tentpole release since the reopening of cinemas post-pandemic.  U.K. has always traditionally been a huge performer for 007, but the expectation was low that it would overtake 2019’s Endgame.

No Time To Die joins Skyfall (No 2 spot on $103.2 million) and Spectre (No 3 spot with $95.2 million) as the third Bond title in the U.K.’s top five, led by Star Wars: The Force Awakens ($123.2 million), with Avatar ($94 million) in fourth.  At present No Time to Die is currently in line with both Skyfall and Spectre at the same point in their run.

At time of writing, No Time To Die has now earned $605 million.

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