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0 was Nicole who first noticed that he'd come home with his zipper undone......

The Boy Erased trailer is for the new film written and directed by Joel Edgerton and tells the story of Jared (Lucas Hedges), the son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is outed to his parents (Nicole Kidman and Russell Crowe) at age 19. Jared is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently exiled and shunned by his family, friends, and faith. the Boy Erased trailer is the true story of one young man’s struggle to find himself while being forced to question every aspect of his identity.

This looks particularly moving with both the son and the parents presented as sincere in their own beliefs rather than being presented as zealous and bigoted monsters both wrestling with the situation they find themselves in.

boy erased trailer

Edgerton, who has been nominated for a number of awards in the past, produces alongside Kerry Kohansky-Roberts and Steve Golin, an Academy Award-winning producer of Best Picture Oscar winner ‘Spotlight‘.

Up until 2016 only a handful of US states had banned conversion therapy program. The only conversion our Editor is capable of is turning wine in to water (‘You’re fired!‘ – Ed).

The Boy Erased trailer is is the first film that fellow countrymen Kidman and Crowe have appeared in together. Troye Sivan, Xavier Dolan, Cherry Jones and Michael “Flea” Balzary who is best known as bass player with pop beat combo Red Hot Chilli Peppers but has appeare in a number of films over the years including Back to the Future 2 & 3, the 1998 remake of Psycho and most recently Baby Driver.

Joe Alwyn, Emily Hinkler, Jesse LaTourette, David Joseph Craig, Théodore Pellerin, Madelyn Cline, and Britton Sear also co-star.

The film is released on 2nd November in the US and on 8th February in the UK.

Here’s the Boy Erased trailer…….


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