Child’s Play – TRAILER


So we’ve just received the Child’s Play trailer which is a reboot of the 1988 horror film which featured the killer doll Chucky voiced by Brad Dourif. It was a little but hokey but it was still a great deal of fun and spawned several sequels. But it seems that a reboot is the order of the day and we now have a new version.

Child’s Play has been produced by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith under their KatzSmith banner, whose film adaptation of Stephen King’s It has earned over $700million worldwide. The film is directed by new talent Lars Klevberg [director of the forthcoming horror chiller Polaroid], and written by Tyler Burton Smith, based on the original script.

child's play trailer

Aubrey Plaza stars as a single mother who buys her son Andy [Gabriel Bateman] a Buddi doll, unaware of its more sinister nature. Chucky, the doll, is voiced by Mark Hamill, who says of his new role, “I can’t wait to bring such an iconic character to life, and present him in a way you’ve never seen before.” Also appearing in the film are Brian Tyree Henry as the cop on the trail of the miniature murderer and Tim Matheson [Animal House], as the founder of the Kaslan Corporation, which produces the Buddi dolls.

This opens on June 21st 2019 in both the US & UK directly against Toy Story 4 in a deliberately and perhaps brilliantly placed bit of marketing by the studio where the little boy who owns the toy is also called Andy. It looks like in this incarnation the doll will have AI technology with no limitations as to learning or violence – useful when this is likely to be a gruesome horror fest. Unlike most reboots though this Childs Play trailer seems unlikely to have any cameos or links to the previous films.

Here’s the Child’s Play trailer…….


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