Could the next Bond film director be…….


While we’re still waiting to see if Daniel Craig will reprise his role as James Bond it seems that the search for a director may already have been decided. Albeit that this is highly speculative but it seems that IMDB database has listed on the film company production credits page, Syncopy, along with the usual companies Danjaq, EON Productions and MGM.

So who are Syncopy? They are a London based production company owned by none other than Christopher Nolan (and his wife too) and the company’s films include every film that Nolan has directed since ‘Batman Begins’ as well as all the films they have produced too including ‘Man of Steel’. Nolan’s big film this year is, ‘Dunkirk’ and he has nothing slated as his next production and has always been vocal about his admiration for the Bond films with ‘Inception’ having a notable number of sequences that wouldn’t have looked out of place in a Bond film.

Quite whether there’s anything to this is anyone’s guess as IMDB is able to be edited by anyone.

Here’s a Bond-esque type moment form ‘Inception’…….


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