Could Wonder Woman be an Oscar contender…….?

.......either the Oscars were getting bigger or Wonder Woman was trying to get a role in the new Ant Man film.....

With the major summer movies out the studios start turning their attention to the films that might have a shot at winning Oscars. Comic book movies never get a look in except once when The Dark Knight was multi nominated winning only for Heath Ledger and also for Sound Editing. However it wasn’t nominated for Best Film or Best Director for Christopher Nolan (though we think he must be in the running for ‘Dunkirk’ this time round).

But it seems that according to Variety, Warner’s are in discussion about a major campaign for Wonder Woman. Having earned over $783m to date the studio are looking to push for a nomination for its female director Patty Jenkins (the first female nomination since Kathryn Bigelow’s win for ‘The Hurt Locker’) and for the film itself as Best Picture.

It’s advantage is that it’s critically revered, it’s a standalone film (though a sequel is already being planned) and has a female lead which would look good for the Academy after the furore of female pay compared to their male counterparts and lets not forget the tiresome Oscars Too White campaign.

That said its not the only comic book film that has been critically acclaimed with ‘Logan’ also drawing plaudits an having earned over $616m to date with Jackman’s portrayal earning praise. No word yet whether 20th Century Fox will be pushing it forward for Oscar consideration.

Early days yet but expect it all to really ramp up in the Autumn. However we’d bet the house on ‘CHiPs’ not getting any nominations except for the Razzies


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