Craig Fairbrass talks Vengeance ….

Craig Fairbrass talks Vengeance

A while ago we chatted to actor Craig Fairbrass about, at that time, the release of a new Footsoldier film and you all went wild for our chat with him in one of out most popular interviews ever. So we were delighted to get another chance to chat with Craig about the sixth and latest film in the franchise ‘Rise of the Footsoldier : Vengeance’. where Craig Fairbrass talks Vengeance

This latest film sees him again as Pat Tate who goes on a rampage to avenge his loyal and trusted foot soldier’s violent death. To track down the villain responsible, Tate ventures beyond his comfort zone of Essex and into the dark side of 90s Soho. He squares up against violent kingpins and negotiates his way through treacherous backstreets with sheer brutal force. Set to execute his revenge, Tate will stop at nothing even as the world around him starts to explode.

Craig, in contrast to his on screen persona. was great fun to chat to telling us just how he got involved in a sixth film, the on screen carnage,  future sequels plus the role he would love to play!

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So here we are as  Craig Fairbrass talks Vengeance’…..


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