Daniel Radcliffe wants to…….

.......his topless scene was all justified in the script......and also the $10m pay cheque....

We meet Daniel Radcliffe a little while ago and he’s great fun and remarkably potty mouthed but with ‘Imperium’ and ‘Swiss Army Man’ doing the rounds at the moment he’s at the Zurich film festival and spoke about his role in Greg McLean’s forthcoming film, ‘Jungle’ but then revealed that what he’d really like to have a go at next. “I would love to direct. I would like to that to happen within the next few years, ideally. I’m writing some things at the moment. Some producers are interested,” he said, “I really want to direct, I think I would be good… I hope I would be!”

His choice of film roles has been somewhat varied since leaving Harry Potter so his directorial debut he admitted would be “super weird”.


He went onto speak about about Jungle, which he shot earlier this year in Colombia.

“It’s directed by Greg McLean who directed Wolf Creek so it’s got a lot of horrifying moments even though it’s not a horror movie. I play a guy called Yossi Ghinsberg, it’s a true story,” he said, about his character and three other guys (played by Alex Russell, Joel Jackson and Thomas Krestschmann) seeking adventure by going into the “real jungle” of the Bolivian Amazon.

“A number of things happen when they get in there, and then…..gets split off from the rest of the group, and he was left alone in the Amazon rainforest for three weeks and he was not a survivalist, he was not Bear Grylls, he had no training. It’s about his struggle. It’s like The Revenant but humid.”

When asked why he has chosen certain roles he said ”The core of it is originality. I also love magical realism in books and it’s a term we don’t use in film very much, we put everything in a fantasy box. But Horns is magical realism, Swiss Army Man is completely magical realism. That’s something I read a lot of and I’m attracted to it in film.Because it’s a film, we don’t have to be ‘real life.’ That’s the joy of it, we can do whatever we like. Swiss Army Man is a testament to the fact that you can literally write a film about whatever you like. If it’s good enough it doesn’t matter. If you can write a film where somebody farts across the water like a Jet Ski, you just have to justify it and it can work.”

Earlier this year he was in sequel ‘Now You See Me 2′ and said, “I thought it was kind of a rite of passage for a British guy to play a bad guy in an American movie. Tick that box. And also he was a fun bad guy, he was petulant and bratty like a bunch of guys I went to school with.Secondly the cast of those movies is unbelievable. I’m a huge fan of so many of those people, especially Michael Caine…I got the chance to do scenes with him and Mark Ruffalo.”

Jungle will be out in 2017



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