Dark Night – trailer

......quite how his new hat would go down at Ascot Ladies Day was anyone's guess.......

So we’ve had some cinematic atrocities and by that we don’t mean ‘Dirty Grandpa’ or ‘CHiPs’ but most notably the opening night of Christopher Nolan’s ‘The Dark Knight’ at a cinema in Colorado where James Eagan Holmes kitted up in military gear with a face painted like the Joker had rigged his apartment with explosives and then walked into the first nights screening of the film, let off smoke bombs and started shooting the audience, 12 of who died and 70 were seriously injured. It was the worst massacre since Columbine High School. Holmes was convicted of 24 counts of first-degree murder, 140 counts of attempted first-degree murder, and one count of possessing explosives. He is currently serving 12 life sentences in the US.

DARK NIGHT is loosely based on real-life events that took place in in 2012 during a midnight film screening. A suburban landscape plays witness to the inevitable, unfolding events that culminate in a Cineplex massacre. Over the course of one day, from sunrise to midnight, six strangers – the shooter among them – share in the new American nightmare. Written and directed by up-and-coming director Tim Sutton, the film is harrowing retelling of a fateful day.

Here’s the trailer…….





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