Death Wish – trailer

0 soon as he aimed at the villain he knew he'd forgotten something.......

The early seventies saw the release of director Michael Winner’s ‘Death Wish’ a film about a vigilante meting out vengeance on the scum bag villains who murdered his wife. It starred Charles Bronson in what became his iconic role and went on to film 4 further sequels with his sagging face looking increasingly like a monkeys scrotum which each passing film.

It’s long been ripe for a remake and Joe Carnahan wrote a script which he was to direct until Bad Boys 3 came along and he jumped ship. Instead horror director Eli Roth is taking over . Something of a change of pace for him after his last film the somewhat stomach churning cannibal film The Green Inferno which had a troubled release history. Anyway here he’s cast Bruce Willis in role that will probably have audiences cheering for him as he wipes the scum from the streets and have the UK’s Daily Mail wanting British police to adopt the same policy.

Here’s the trailer……


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