Denzel Washington in some Scarface news…….

.......Denzel was thinking how he could say 'No' to the director.......

Director Antoine Fuqua and actor Denzel Washington have made a load of films together including The Equalizer 2 which we get in the UK in a couple of weeks time. Speaking to website THR the director has some Scarface news which is his intended remake of the iconic 1932 film so memorably remade by Brain DePalma in 1983 with Al Pacino in the lead role.

When asked who he wanted to cast in the lead role in his version it turns out to be , unsurprisingly, Denzel Washington however it seems that the actor is not quite so keen.

“My dream is for him to be Scarface. He laughs sometimes and he kind of goes ‘(Al) Pacino did a great job! I don’t want to do that.’ [I’m still] trying to nudge him into doing it.” said Fuqua.

If Fuqua does get to remake the film then it will be the third version of the Armitage Trail novel about the rise and fall of a gangster. Howard Hawks directed the original 1932. Whereas the 1983 was set in Miami with Al Pacino as a Cuban immigrant and was a typically brutal Brian DePalma film – if you’ve seen the ‘chainsaw in the shower’ scene you’ll know exactly what we mean and Pacino ionic line, ‘Say hello to my little friend’ as he unleashes a grenade launcher in his house is the film’s most famous line as written by Oliver Stone.

scarface news

The Eqaulizer 3 is rumoured to be set in contemporary Los Angeles setting  will be produced by Dylan Clark (Patriots Day, War for the Planet of the Apes)

A third Equalizer film looks highly likely after the second film has already mad $71m (exceeding studio expectations) and has still to open in a load of countries outside the US.  If it happens rumours are that it have an international setting.

Til then the Scarface news will keep us going…..


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