Destination Dewsbury – REVIEW

.......he was finding it more and more difficult to to hide his alcoholism from his friends.....

With a title like Destination Dewsbury you’re assured that this is a resolutely British film with a decidedly comic downbeat opening with a four middle aged friends getting a right shoeing from two East European thugs in a road rage incident. It’s a voiceover that rewinds back to the Eighties when Neville, Gaz, Peter & Smithy were friends running round school corridors with the expected teenage banter. It’s friendship that has carried on into middle age where one of them is now a teacher back at the school he went to as a teenager and treated with the same disregard as he and his mates gave the teachers. It’s only when they are informed that Frankie, an old school friend of theirs who moved away and they’ve lost touch with is now at deaths door. He’s only a week to live and the gang get back together for a final pilgrimage to see him in his last days hence Destination Dewsbury.

destination dewsbury

Aimed squarely at The Inbetweeners audience but here for middle aged men its ultimately an episodic road movie as they find themselves caught up in a variety of comic escapades which involves drugs, a bed & breakfast with extra-curricular activity and a revolting broken coach toilet in their efforts to get to Dewsbury all the while pursued by a pair of East European thugs out to collect a debt.

At 86 minutes it doesn’t hang around and ploughs on with a variety of characters and their bromance between a teacher having a premature mid life crisis, a man too daft to see that his son is clearly not his, another who is a lardy lump of a mummy’s boy a bit too keen on his mum’s home cooking and another of the friends a bullet headed seething mass of anger and resentment – it’s that last one which probably is the weakest as every line is a raging shouty swear fest and in that respect keeps it on one level with nowhere to go except down.

Destination Dewsbury is the directorial debut of Jack Spring a 19 year old self confessed film school drop out who on evidence of this knew far more about film before he even went to Uni and rightly he’s just got on and made a film made all the more impressive in that he raised the money himself. Costing only #150.000 it looks far better than might be expected and is an extremely competent debut and though uneven in places and does need some sharper jokes he’s an emerging talent which makes whatever he’ll make next something to look forward to.

Here’s the trailer…….


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