Does Star Wars have a curse……?

Lord of the Sith? more like lord on the pith!

So we’ve had The Curse of Superman and ‘the-curse-of-going-out-for-a–drink-with-the-Editor-and-trying-to-get-him-to-buy-a-round’ but it seems that Star Wars may have a curse too or  least it certainly seems that way for  Jake Lloyd who played Anakin Skywalker as a child.

With a handful of TV appearances before he was cast in ‘The Phantom Menace’ which led to…… well nothing really apart from some voiceovers for Star Wars video games but he went on to appear in ‘Madison’,  a 2005 box office blockbuster that wasn’t, making only $517,000 in the US compared to ‘The Phantom Menace’ $474m in the US. Since then he hasn’t made a single film.

Instead he’s spent 10 months banged up in prison not due , as many thought , to his acting  but for a 100mph police chase whilst drunk, failing to stop, driving without a driver’s licence, & reckless driving. Probably taking his pod racing exprience from the film to extremes.

In the past he’s also alleged to have attacked his mum who chose not to press charges citing his failure to take his medication for a mental disorder as the probable cause.

He’s now been transferred to a psychiatric centre to cope with schizophrenia where the powers that be have said that he’d be better off staying in jail for his treatment.

The Force is weak with this one……


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