Five things we know about Creed 2…….

.......the champion was preparing to give his opponent a right good fist in the ring (You're fired!' - Ed)

With the rightly acclaimed ‘Creed’ doing solid business earning $173m off its $35m budget and not forgetting Stallone getting Oscar nominated for his supporting role it’s a no brainer that a sequel would follow.

Stallone will return along with Michael B Jordan and here’s what we know so far about the sequel so far……

  • Stallone has written the script.
  • His handwritten script is 439 pages long which would make a 120 page typed script making a two hour film.
  • It will see the return of Rocky’s Russian boxing foe Ivan Drago
  • The film is likely to introduce Drago’s son in a fight with Creed’s son (Michael B Jordan).
  • At the moment no director is attached.

Here’s the trailer for the original film……




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