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Frankenstein Legacy - The classic monster story reworked

Opening where the original Frankenstein story left off with the crazed Doctor on board Captain Walton’s ship in freezing Arctic conditions is where Frankenstein Legacy begins. Dr Frankenstein is in a terrible physical state in his pursuit of his monster with the Captain exclaiming, ‘I’ve never seen a man in such a wretched condition!’ – but then he’s never seen our Editor on New Years Day. But its Frankenstein’s how-to journal, a kind of demonic Build-a-Bear guide  that is taken from his dying hands. Leathery and weather beaten it has been passed through the hands of so many men that it could be Zsa Zsa Gabor until it ends up in the hands of Millicent Browning (Juliet Aubrey) herself a scientist  and, like all surgeons of the day, keen to read the writings of Dr Frankenstein and just as keen to further his experiments for themselves.

But she’s not the only one as Lady Charlotte (Michelle Ryan) eager to buy the journal for her own nefarious ends eventually sending her henchmen to break into the house and steal it until they are confronted by Millicent’s aging husband Robert (Philip Martin Brown) who sustains injuries that render him bedbound.

Rather than the monster in the original it is Charlotte and Millicent who are the villains of the piece with Charlotte desperate to gets her hands on the book and Millicent just keen to conduct her own Frankenstein inspired experiments and when Robert passes away it is her ideal opportunity to have a go and sets about blackmailing the owner of the local flophouse that he might want to turn a blind eye to the disappearance of some of the less desirable occupants. But her crazed plan finds her pursued by her step son William (Matt Barber) himself a physician along with a nurse whose father Millicent had killed for body parts.

Along with Dracula the Frankenstein story is one that remains ever popular with film makers and numerous incarnations and reworkings and this is no different moving it forward by 100 years but ultimately replaying the same story.  Aubrey and Ryan relish their roles as the villains of the piece with Brown as Browning a genial character resurrected into a rampaging monster. Co-scripted by Jim Griffin and director Paul Dudbridge there’s a fair bit of stilted dialogue here with Barber able to deliver it best. But whilst many of the lines are of the era there are nods to today with Boris Johnson’s infamous covid remark, ‘Let the bodies pile high!’ popping up. It’s not without its moments with speeches about privilege as relevant today as they are for the era this is set. It all builds to a daft climactic chase as they pursue the escaped creature with Lady Charlotte firing a pistol at the monster only to be told, ‘You’re firing into dead flesh’ – a line surely uttered by Joan Collins on her wedding night to her latest husband. At only a hundred minutes the film does drag in part but the cast give it their all given the slightly underwhelming and overused premise.

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Frankenstein Legacy‘ is released on 4th March 2024


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