Geena Davis and the studio bankrupting Cutthroat Island


Actress Geena Davis has an autobiography out soon and is doing the rounds promoting it durring which the subject of the notoriously expensive pirate movie ‘Cutthroat Island came up, a film that was rated at one point by the Guinness Book of records as being the most expensive flop film ever made. Its not way down the list with John Carter being the No 1 most expensive flop of all time (to date).

The most expensive flop films ever made

It’s a film that was blamed for bankrupting a studio,  the studio being Carolco that was behind Basic Instinct, Total Recall , the Rambo films as well as Terminator 2 and allmof which were big box office successes but David disputes the claim that Cutthroat Island was responsible for bankrupting the studio

“First, I want to clear up that it did not bring down Carolco because it was already facing bankruptcy before we even started making the movie. The company was pretty much finished. This was its last production. We were doomed from the beginning, unfortunately. When the film came out, there was no money to promote it, so it was guaranteed that it wasn’t going to be successful. Somehow people got fixated on how much it cost.”


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