How Russell Crowe filmed Robin Hood with broken legs!

How Russell Crowe filmed Robin Hood with broken legs!

Although Ridley Scott’s 2010 version of Robin Hood fared badly at the box office making $321m off a $200m budget its recently been revealed that Russell Crowe filmed Robin Hood with broken legs!

According to the actor it was caused by a simple jump. He explained, “I jumped off a castle portcullis onto rock-hard uneven ground. We should have prepped the ground and buried a pad, but we were in a rush to get the shot done in the fading light……With hundreds of extras around, arrows flying and burn pots setting the castle on fire, there was no pulling out,” he continued. “As I jumped, I remember thinking, ‘This is going to hurt.’

Crowe seemingly landed on his heels first on the uneven ground, feeling “like an electric shock bursting up through my body…….We were shooting a big movie, so you just struggle through, but the last month of that job was very tricky. There was a number of weeks where even walking was a challenge,” he added, noting that he “never discussed the injury with production” and “never took a day off because of it, I just kept going to work.”

Ten years after the incident, Crowe started having pains, and after going to the doctor and getting X-rays, the physician asked when he had broken his legs after spotting “remnants of fractures in both shin bones……Apparently, I finished that movie with two broken legs,” he said. “All for art. No cast, no splints, no painkillers, just kept going to work, and over time, they healed themselves.”

Crowe led the film as Robin Longstride alongside Cate Blanchett as Marion, Oscar Isaac as Prince John, Matthew Macfadyen as the Sheriff of Nottingham as well as William Hurt, Mark Strong, Danny Huston, Lea Seydoux and Max von Sydow.

….and that’s how Russell Crowe filmed Robin Hood with broken legs!

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source: Deadline


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