I Play Rocky – sees Dumb & Dumber director take the reins of the biopic


Stallone own rags to riches story was reflected in his own script for Rocky. Himself a struggling actor at the time whose partially paralyzed face and a speech impediment saw him fighting for roles in Hollywood. Betting on hos own talent he wrote script that a big studio wanted to buy but he refused to sell it unless he got to play the lead. Turning down huge sums of money he instead worked for a pittance in order to get the movie made with himself as the title character.  The rest is history with the film becoming the biggest box office hit of 1976, as well as an Academy Award juggernaut that went on to win best picture. Well now the film of the making of the film I Play Rocky sees Dumb & Dumber director Peter Farrelly take the reins of the biopic.

Peter Gamble (“Office Uprising”) penned the screenplay and casting is currently underway. Producer Toby Emmerich said, ‘Pete will be conducting a worldwide search to discover another actor who just needs one shot — in ‘I Play Rocky’ — to show the world what he can do’.

Producer Christian Baha said, “The story of ‘I Play Rocky’ is as unique as Sylvester Stallone himself, a seeming Everyman with an undeniable gift who needs to share it with the world and refuses to take “no” for an answer. And like the hero of our film, Baha Productions needed grit and determination as we fought for years to make this project into a reality.’

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