Jackass director to produce a debauched documentary about Disneyland …..


Jackass Forever director Jeff Tremaine had a huge hit with that fourth film earning $80m worldwide and has now turned his his eye to a hitherto little known phenomena namely debauchery at Disneyland. Big kids that we are we love Disney World and Disneyland but the documentary takes a look at the debauched trouble makers who go there. Perhaps the most notorious incident is the theft of an audio-animatronic valued at almost $500,000 on the black market. It is not a new phenomena with misbehaviour going on for 30 years or more and first-time filmmakers Joshua Bailey and Sam Fraser bought the various stories to Tremaine’s attention who said, ‘I was inspired by not only this story but by these young filmmakers. Having been a part of some Disneyland misbehaviour, I’m excited to be involved in this.”

Now many may not know that there’s a Disneyland jail for misbehaviour and both Blake Lively and Robert Downey Jr. have found themselves in there over the years. although actually it  is a room with park security who work out whether to remove you from the park. But people have been banned for the obvious (being drunk, brawling or consuming drugs ) to the bizarre (dressing up as Disney characters as an adult and even scattering a loved one’s ashes!) whilst other visitors have decided to get off the rides halfway through and go exploring notably on the Jungle Cruise ride but especially on Pirates of the Caribbean.

All seems a bit daft really as the theme parks are hugely entertaining enough without doing this sort of thing and anyone with young children know what a great experience the theme parks and the rides are so hopefully this won’t inspire any copycat troublemakers. No details yet on when this will be released.


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