James Bond will be……..


After what was a gruelling shoot for SPECTRE it was released to a bit of grumbling that it wasn’t as good as Skyfall (we thought it was pretty good) and it still made a superb $880m worldwide. Its final scenes ended with what seemed like a definitive goodbye from Daniel Craig and he was quite vocal about never returning to the role and the press have had a wild time speculating on who will take over.

Its now been announced that the next Bond film will be released on November 8th 2019 with Neal Purvis and Robert Wade returning to pen the script and Michael G. Wilson & Barbara Broccoli returning to produce as usual.

But who will be Bond? Well, The New York Times reports that Craig coming back as Bond is a ‘done deal’ according to two sources who spoke about the matter on the condition of anonymity. We hope he does return as there can be little doubt that he’s been the best Bond for a very long time.

There’s also the ongoing meetings as to who will distribute the film as the deal with Sony came to an end after Spectre and any studio would want the rights to distribute the next film(s).

No word either on who will direct but we hope that Christopher Nolan will get a shot at it and if not then please let someone like Gareth Evans (The Raid) have a go.

Here’s the trailer for Spectre as a reminder of just how good it was…….


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