Jason Bourne 6….

Jason Bourne 6 - the return of the amnesiac spy

Starti9jg back in 2002 with The Bourne Identity and starring Matt Damon ( we still can’t say his name without the Team America pronounciation going through our minds) it give his career a boost reimagining him as an action man and the initial trilogy gave the Bond franchise a much needed kick up the arse as to what great stunt scenes should be and the initial trilogy is superior action entertainment. A fourth film that saw Jeremy Renner in the lead fared less well and Damon returned for a fifth film that also saw director Paul Greengrass helm was less of a hit. Nonetheless you cannot keep a good franchise down especially as it has grossed more than $1.6billion to date. So now we have news of Jason Bourne 6  although that title is bound to change!

At present its still very early in development and is likely to be some years away yet as currently there is no script in the works, nor is there a writer attached to the prospective film and quite whether the original cast members will be returning or if this is entirely a new reboot is yet to be confirmed. However All Quiet on the Western Front director Edward Berger is rumoured to be helming Jason Bourne 6 and he was Oscar-nominated for the screenplay for All Quiet on the Western Front, which took home best international film among its four Oscar wins

The features, based on the novels of late author Robert Ludlum, centered on a government operative who loses his memory and is hunted by his own country. Jeremy Renner starred in a spinoff, 2012’s The Bourne Legacy so whether this will be based on any of those Bourne books or will be completely new remains to be confirmed

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