Johnny Depp’s fee saved Disney how much???

.......Johnny finds out how much he would have been paid....

It’s been well publicized that Disney are now ploughing on with the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise but without Captain Jack Sparrow hence saving the company paying Johnny Depp’s fee. It’s hardly surprising that the company want to make economies as the films are expensive to make with the third film ‘….At World’s End’ costing a monumental $309m.

In all the five films have made over $4.5 billion worldwide despite increasingly poor reviews having made in order $654m, $1.06b, $963m, $1.04b and finally ‘Dead Men Tell No Tales‘ earning $794m.  It’s hardly a surprise then that the studio are keen to continue the franchise but the production costs escalated as follows, $140m, $225m, $309m, $250m and finally $230m. With the top earners of 2018 including ‘Venom‘ which cost $100m and made $855m and ‘Deadpool 2‘ costing $110m and earning $741m it is hardly surprising that studios want to cut costs especially with the risk of failure for big budget films costing the studio dear. Disney were hit with two mega budget bombs with A Wrinkle in Time and The Nutcracker and the Four Realms both of which cost in excess of $100m and both bombed badly.

Johnny Depp's fee

So the studio are now set to reboot the franchise with a sixth film and this time have employed the “Deadpool” screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick with the remit to write a far budgeted Pirates of the Caribbean film that won’t have Captain Jack Sparrow hence eliminating Johnny Depp’s fee with a view to delivering “new energy and vitality” according to the studio execs.

So after all that what would be Johnny Depp’s fee if he was to appear in another Pirates of the Caribbean film?

Answer: $90m.  Not bad for a few months work and would undoubtedly help offset the woes of his recent divorce and debt.

UPDATE – We’ve just heard that the Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick have now left the project and the rumour is that the whole franchise may now have come to an end.

Anyway here is at the last Pirates film premiere…..



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