Kandahar – TRAILER


Since he came to our attention as an action star in ‘300 actor’ Gerard Butler has firmly established himself in the genre with the release of , ‘Plane’ being the most recent puling in a respectable $55m and rumours of spin off film for its co-star Mike Colter. Buy landing in our inbox is the latest from Butler with the Mission Kandahar trailer

The story follows Tom Harris (Butler), an undercover CIA operative operating out of the Afghan city. Stuck deep in hostile territory in Afghanistan after his mission is exposed he and his Afghan translator must fight to make it to an extraction point in Kandahar – all whilst avoiding elite enemy forces and foreign spies tasked with hunting them down.

The film is helmed by Ric Roman Waugh who did the same on Angel has Fallen the third film in that franchise and Kandahar opens in the US at the same time as The Little Mermaid giving audiences a choice in very different genres.

Butler is incredibly busy and seems to move from production to production without  interval and his forthcoming projects include “Afterburn,” “Remote Control,” “Just Watch Me,” and sequels to both “Greenland” and “Den of Thieves”. Rumours that a forth film in the, ‘….has Fallen’ franchise will be be titled ‘Standards’ remain unconfirmed.

A UK release date is to be confirmed

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Here’s the Kandahar trailer….


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