What we know about Suicide Squad 2…….

.......Margot thought her eyeliner might possibly have smudged a little.....

So whilst the first film made $746m worldwide back in Summer 2016 it wasn’t quite the success that many were hoping for and whilst writer / director David Ayer has departed the project its been a while since there’s been any movement on the project with even Mel Gibson being a contender to head up the film. Now that the DC world is back on track after the monumental success of James Wan’s Aquaman we can hopefully look forward to more DC hits after the relative disappointment of the previous Batman and Justice League films that Ben Affleck has now left too (we thought he was far better in the role than well….Val Kilmer anyway).  Anyway we’ve done a bit of digging and here’s a little bit about what we know about the forthcoming film Suicide Squad 2.

suicide squad 2

  1. For a start it won’t be called Suicide Squad 2 but be titled The Suicide Squad.
  2. Having parted ways with Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy 3, director James Gunn will helm Suicide Squad 2….um….we mean The Suicide Squad.
  3. James Gunn will also write the screenplay
  4. Margot Robbie having been rumoured not to be returning as Harley Quinn will now be in the film having made the spin off, ‘Birds of Prey’.
  5. Will Smith will not be returning as DeadShot purely because of other filming commitments on other productions. It’s not known at present whether he will be recast or just sit it out.
  6. Suicide Squad 2 ……we mean The Suicide Squad is set for release on 6th August 2021 in the US.
  7. The film will shoot in the UK’s Leavesden studios.

Here’s a clip from the London premiere of the first film when the whole cast turned up to introduce it. Jared Leto looks very sheepish and we still can’t work out what Cara Delevigne is doing when she walks on here. Any suggestions?

Here’s the clip…….





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