A League Apart…..putting Wrexham on the map!


We enjoy tormenting our Deputy Editor Simon about his beloved football team Cardiff City and their efforts to get promoted into the Premiership only to annually fail at the last hurdle in the playoffs! Although he never tires of reminding us that they won the FA cup…….albeit in 1927! But we now bring you news on another Welsh team Wrexham AFC who are about to have a movie made about their own FA cup triumph titled, ‘A League Apart’ that will start filming in Summer 2021 with director SJ Evans.

A LEAGUE APART is a work of fiction, but its climax is centered around the real-life 1992 FA Cup clash between bottom of the league underdogs Wrexham and reigning Division One champions, Arsenal – referred to as one of the greatest FA Cup “giant-killings” of all time. Written by the late Robin Bell, A LEAGUE APART follows Phil, a lovable yet down-on-his-luck man obsessed with his failing Wrexham AFC football team. His American girlfriend, Christina, wants more out of life and love – but does he? Before Phil loses her forever, can he prove that Christina is more important to him than Wrexham AFC winning? To be in the same league, you have to at least try… and believe.

Welshman Celyn Jones has been cast in the lead role of Phil and along with British film and television veteran Ricky Tomlinson (The Royle Family) who will co-star in the romantic comedy, with further casting to be announced in the coming weeks.

A League Apart - A film to put Wrexham on the map ?

Wrexham AFC has recently hit the headlines globally with the announcement of the club’s new owners: Hollywood actors Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney, who aim to make Wrexham – the third oldest club in the world – a “global force” in football.

Director SJ Evans said, “This has been a passion project for me for two main reasons – firstly, I’m a lifelong Wrexham fan and was at the famed Arsenal match and remember running on to the pitch with the rest of the town. Secondly, when Robin passed away in 2019, I promised his family that this film would be his legacy and I will do everything in my power to make it the best film possible, so I was thrilled when Mad As Birds came on board the project last year.” Producer Andy Evans says, ‘Our Best of British cast is coming together and we are looking forward to shooting the film in North Wales in 2021.”

Now having been to Wrexham our suggestion for the film’s tagline is, ‘Wrexham!……with regular trains to London’.

Cue the complaints !


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