Live action Snow White release delayed?


With Disney having made so many of their classic animated features into live action  films the one obvious omission was that of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. That has been remedies with Rachel Zegler being cast in the lead role in a film that competed shooting almost a year ago. Early test screening shave said that she is excellent in the role but with the film intended for a March 2024 release there is news now of the live action Snow White release delayed.

There’s been a number of actors contributing to this firstly with the WGA & SAG strike meaning that actors who are an integral part of the publicity machine for film releases are now not available due to strike action. But perhaps just as significantly is Rachel Zegler’s comments over the past few weeks that had social media in a tizz. Calling Prince Charming  ‘creepy’ and that, ‘the film came out in 1937 and very evidently so’ and that Snow White was not looking for love but was to become a leader.  The comments went down extraordinarily badly and the idea of the film now having seven dwarves but fantastical beings has enraged die hard fans further. Neither does it help that with the strikes forcing studios to delay the release of their films into 2024 means that March is now an extremely packed month for new releases including the recently moved Dune Part Two  which will compete with A Quiet Place Day One, Kung Fu Panda 4, Ghostbuster Afterlife, and The Fall Guy with Ryan Gosling as well as Disney’s own, ‘Elio’

It’s little surprise therefore that the live action Snow White release delayed

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source: Puck News / The Direct


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