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.......she was very persuasive at interior designer sales.......

British actor Theo James starred in the Divergent film franchise but is probably best remembered as the ghastly holiday rep in The Inbetweeners Movie whereas for Emily Ratajkowski  it’s cavorting topless through the video for Blurred Lines, Robin Thicke’s catchy and misplaced ode to non-consensual sex.  In Lying and Stealing James stars as Ivan a thief with a knowledge of Art who steals various works to order for Dimitri, a villainous Mr Big to whom he owes a debt. Ivan is keen to pay off his debt to and get out. It is at the various parties he attends in order to steal that Ivan bumps into Ratajkowski’s Elyse, an  aspiring actress whose own past is not without fault (and it’s not jiggling her chest around in that Robin Thicke video) and has landed herself in a load of debt.  They’re not an unattractive on screen couple and it’s hardly a surprise that they get together to achieve their own ends.

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Written and directed by Matt Aselton Lying and Stealing is his first feature in five years and it suffers from being a heist movie where the thefts lack any thrills or ingenuity that mark it out as different from other superior films in the genre. Both stars are appealing but not especially engaging or compelling as opposed to Fred Melamed as who is convincing as the bad guy Dimitri and and bears more than a passing resemblance to film director Francis Ford Coppola.  It’s not a wholly convincing plot with Ivan able to turn up at high end house parties without being challenged having gone seemingly unrecognized by the rest of the guests there and a cop, who uses Ivan for his own ends, is not persuasive and it’s right that this has gone straight to VoD.

Here’s the Lying and Stealing trailer…….

Lying and Stealing is available on VoD from 11th November 2019


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