Master and Commander sequel……with Russel Crowe?


News in that that’s there’s to be a Master and Commander sequel to the Russell Crowe original back in 2003 that was helmed by Peter Weir. Now to be honest we were not made keen on it but nonetheless the film earned a not inconsequential $211m at the international box office. Unfortunately it cost $150m to make which meant that it lost money so it seemed unlikely that there would be a Master and Commander sequel. Yet it did earn itself ten Oscar nominations including Best Film but winning just two for its cinematography and editing

The film was an adaptation of the series of books by Patrick O’Brian that were set during the Napoleonic Wars with Captain Jack Aubrey pushing his crew and ship to the edge around South America in pursuit of a formidable French war vessel. there were over twenty books in the entire series so there is a wealth of material to call on.

Master and Commander sequel......with Russel Crowe?

 “Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World” to give it its full title will have a sequel provisionally titled, ‘A Monster Calls’ though its unconfirmed as to whether this refers to Trick or Treat with Gemma Collins or not. Screenwriter Patrick Ness will be adapting the book which was the first in the series but at present no director is attached.  That story shows a young Aubrey when he is given his first command and also explores how his friendship with his naval surgeon Stephen Maturin begins. As a result, new talent will no doubt be hired to play Aubrey and Maturin.

It is not known whether Crowe and his co-star Paul Bettany will return to their roles but seeing as this is a prequel there is a strong likelihood that it could be a new cast and there’s plenty of young dashing heartthrobs who could be cast as the Captain.


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