Michael Mann’s Ferrari film……

.......all the actors wanted was a quiet drink and the director still followed them into the bar.....

Michael Mann’s is a consummate, passionate film maker who throws himself into years of research before he makes his films which have included classics such as the Last of the Mohicans, Ali, The Insider and the majestic De Niro / Pacino double whammy ‘Heat’. But his last real hit was way back in 2004 with the Tom Cruise & Jamie Foxx starrer ‘Collateral’. Since then box office success has eluded him with Miami Vice (costing $135m – box office $164m) Public Enemies (costing $100m – box office $214m) and Blackhat (costing $70m and earning a catastrophic $19m). So its been five years sine he made a film with rumours of a Heat prequel rife but it seems that we will see Michael Mann’s Ferrari film next.

He seems to have a love of fast cars having exec produced the excellent Oscar nominated ‘Ford v Ferrari’ aka Le Mans 66 and has been developing a Ferrari biopic for over twenty years and it seems that now , finally his passion project is on its way into production with the writer / director Mann prepping to shoot the film in spring 2021 with the rumour being that Hugh Jackman is lined up to take the starring role.

Michael Mann's ferrari film

Michael Mann’s Ferrari film is based on a book by Brock Yates’ book and the director has reworked the script originally written by the late Troy Kennedy Martin (“The Italian Job”) and the project will be pitched to distributors as next week’s virtual Cannes film festival. Enzo Ferrari had had a rough time of it in summer 1957.  His car company was about to go bankrupt, his marriage was breaking down, one of his son’s had died whilst the other was struggling in his father’s shadow.

An epic Italian family drama believed to have “The Godfather” feel Michael Mann‘s Ferrari film will have a major set piece based on a 1,000-mile race across Italy (the 1957 Mille Miglia) with production building a fleet of replica race cars.


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