Mission Impossible Fallout – TRAILER

Mission Impossible's best stunts to make your jaw drop!

With the Mission Impossible films now having made respectively $457m, $546m, $397m, $694m & $682m. With a collective total $2.776 billion it’s no surprise that a sixth film has been made. This latest entry is notable for two reasons. In the past there’s been at least four years between each film but here the turnaround between films has shortened and would have been even shorter if Tom Cruise didn’t have Jack Reacher, The Mummy and American Made already in his schedule.

The other difference is that for the first time the latest Mission Impossible film has the same director as a previous entry in the franchise namely Christopher McQuarrie. Cruise has attracted top directors to the franchise starting with the legendary Brian DePalma followed by John Woo, JJ Abrams, Brad Bird and McQuarrie all with varying success. Though the first is one of our favourites it was rumoured that Cruise and DePalma didn’t see eye to eye. The second, which was our least favourite, had John Woo in his short lived Hollywood sojourn where he never really hit his stride. The third film was JJ Abrams first feature film but suffered from a backlash against Cruise and his sofa trampolining exploits on Oprah.

There was a five year pause between that and the fourth Mission Impossible entry which had Pixar animator Brad Bird make his first live action film upping the ante with that insane sequence with Cruise clutching the outside of a  skyscraper. It set the bench mark for insane stunts by Cruise with the fifth film having him clutching onto the outside of a plane as it takes off.

 Tom Cruise Helicopter stunt in Mission Impossible Fallout

This latest film is likely to up the ante again with a rumoured helicopter sequence glimpsed in the trailer which has never been done before. The production has already suffered a set back with Cruise breaking his ankle and suspending shooting for months until he was able to resume filming.

Quite how bonkers mad this film will be remains to be seen and it seems that all the regulars are returning including our own Simon Pegg.

Mission Impossible Fallout is released in the UK and USA on 27th July 2018.

Here’s the trailer……


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