Monster alligator movie from the the makers of ‘Fall’


Along with sharks it is gators and crocs that audiences love on the big screen and news is in that we will get a monster alligator movie next year something that we’ve not had since 2019’s excellent ‘Crawl’ (reviewed HERE) and before that it was probably 2007’s “Black Water,” inspired by a true story in which a giant saltwater crocodile stalks a pregnant woman, her boyfriend and her sister in a mangrove swamp in Northern Australia.

behind this are British genre label Tea Shop Productions who have given us the excellent shark movie, ’47 metres down’ (reviewed HERE) and last year’seven better survival thriller “Fall,” . This new monster alligator movie will be titled, “The Bayou” and will see a group of friends crash landing in the water-logged, inhospitable Louisiana swamplands. Megan Best (“Nobody”) leads the survivors who are out of their depth as they find themselves being picked off one-by-one by a relentless pack of alligators – led by a ferocious alpha female who is the apex predator of this region.

Matthew Ninaber (“Death Valley”) directs, and Gavin Mehrtens penned the script from a story by Ashley Holberry. The latter two will also produce alongside Mark Lane and James Harris. UK visual effects outfit Koala FX, who did the visuals for “Fall,” will handle the monster creation for “The Bayou” with filming planned to begin in the Winter of 2023.

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