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So if the time travel DeLorean in ‘Back to the Future’ ever came to fruition we’d love to see Doc Brown warning others not to go to a pandemic stricken 2020. For writer-director Reggie Yates he’s chosen to set his debut feature Pirates, back to New Years Eve 1999, a time when Y2K fever was abound stoked by real life Alan Partridge tribute act Richard Madeley who was busy warning the British public to stock up food stores and its only now that he ‘s  struggling for storage space  with cupboards chock full of food past twenty years past his sell by date. Pirates focuses on three 18 year old school friends. The solemn studious Cappa (Elliot Edusah) , the ladies man Two Tonne (Jordan Peters) and the joker of the pack (Reda Elazouer). With Cappo back from Uni he finds their garage band on the verge of probable success and they want to see in the New Year with a South London garage party that’s sold out and yet Two Tonne in an effort to impress a new crush (Kassius Nelson) tells her he has tickets which he hasn’t, nor has he any idea, how to get them.

Pirates - Reggie Yates goes back to New Years Eve 1999......

With their illicit radio station temporarily not broadcasting the Pirates drive to Vauxhall in a clapped out yellow Peugeot 205 they name ‘the custard cream’ probably the best place for it is dropped in a giant mug of tea. So the three set off to the South London party endeavouring to get hold of tickets, blag some flash clothes, get their hair cut, plus get food (a great set of scenes in a Jamaican pattie and jerk chicken shop)  and all to impress da ladeeeez. Pirates is an episodic road movie with much to like about it and for once it’s a positive portrayal of black and Asian youths  rather than the usual depiction of violent drug addled gang members (although Jordan Peters was in the London gang drama ‘Blue Story’). Their problems are easy for those of a similar age to identify and for those who have left that age bracket far behind its a reminder that image, girls and parties were all that mattered.

Yates directs a likeable trio with Reda getting the best moments and the film’s countdown clock to midnight builds towards a ‘will they? – wont they?’ get the  girl and tickets for the party. Good natured and good fun Pirates promises well for whatever Yates, who has drawn from his own personal experiences, will bring to the screen next.

Here’s Reggie Yates introducing the film to us…….

…….and watch the Pirates trailer HERE



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