More Predator 5 news…….

.......he was always mixing up his haemorrhoid treatment with tabasco sauce ....

After the disappointment and failure of The Predator it seemed that any further films in the franchise were dead in the water but taking all by surprise is Predator 5 news. With Disney having bought 20th Century Fox it was thought even less likely that there would be a further film but The Predator did earn a respectable $166m worldwide. The franchise has had mixed reaction since Schwarzenegger’s original (and best) back in 1987. Predator 2 missed out on the star but has gained in popularity over the years whilst Predators had mixed reviews and lets not get started on Alien v Predator – so whilst we thought the first one was OK Predator v Alien: Requiem was an utter abomination so darkly lit that it was akin to watching a blank screen.

Predator 5 news - is the franchise about to get another film?

Predator 5 news has a new film being helmed by director Dan Trachtenberg (“10 Cloverfield Lane”) from a screenplay by Patrick Aison who has a number of TV series credits to his name but any  plot is being kept under wraps with the only tidbit being that the new film won’t tie into any of the recent sequels. Whether it will be a remake, reboot, a prequel or its own thing remains to be seen but the studio have been pretty tightlipped about any further Predator 5 news.

Inevitably thee is a rumour that Arnie may well return. It was a story also doing the rounds for The Predator when he was having meetings with writer / director Shane Black but didn’t come to fruition and whether this is for a cameo or a starring role is unknown but as he’s not appeared in any of the previous films we think its unlikely that he will pop up in this monster movie. We’re still waiting to see if the long awaited Twins and Conan sequels will get off the ground.


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