Pretty Red Dress – REVIEW


With the advent of working from home it would be fair to assume that the viewing figures for daytime TV have shot up especially with the fallout from Phillip Schofield’s resignation from This Morning where the programme has become more of a spectator sport as every presenter desperately does their best to clings on in a manner making them ideal casting for the Cliffhanger remake. But for Travis (Natey Jones) a DJ recently released from prison and on a tag the interest in watching shady duplicitous TV presenters having seen quite of them doing time in his prison. But it’s the Pretty Red Dress of the title that has his attention as he finds himself back living with his partner Candice (Alexandra Burke) and their teenage daughter Kenisha ( Temilola Olanunbo). They all have their issues.

Despite his reputation and his time in prison Travis is something of a romantic and sensitive soul deep down and buys Candice the pretty red dress having taken a menial job from his struttingly arrogant macho man brother to do so. Candice is a talented singer and that dress is for the round of audition’s she is going through in a bid to get the lead role in a stage musical. Yet that same dress which hangs on the back of their bedroom door becomes a mesmerizing temptation for Travis  eventually unable to resist the temptation to try it on  and eventually releasing his own hidden desire. Inevitably there’s the moment where Candice comes home early to discover Travis wearing the dress which he tries to explain away and she goes through a number of emotions in an effort to disbelieve what she knows is really true about her man. It’s made worse when Travis drags Kenisha into the cover up and who herself is going through her own challenges not only when it leaks about Travis fetish but also her own sexuality.

Pretty Red Dress is the debut feature of Dionne Edwards and is a remarkable one taking a subject that could be dealt with either too solemnly or equally go the other way and played for laughs. Instead this is sensitive and sympathetic with a terrific trio of performances. Burke, with a number of hit West End stage musical’s proves that she is far more than her X Factor winner credentials suggest and has the dramatic chops, Jones is terrific in an extremely challenging role in what will be a break out for him and promises much for his future and Olanunbo as their daughter is a first time actor found in street casting process and deftly handles the role with aplomb in what is a engaging and intimate drama.

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