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Prey sequel - What writer - director Dan Trachtenberg said....

Whilst the Predator series started on a high with Arnie original film it had degenerated to a fair degree when ‘The Predator’ limped on to the screen despite Shane Black having written and directed it. So when a fifth film ‘Prey’ came put anticipation was muted and the film was released on Disney streamer Hulu. Reviews were extremely good to such a degree that the franchise was immediately revitalized and writer – director Dan Trachtenberg has spoken about a Prey sequel and what can be expected. Will it be different? He replied..

For everyone who’s been asking me about sequels, it’s like, that is the thing, is that oftentimes someone does a cool thing and the sequel is just….and then the next part, and then it’s like, oh, well then that’s just following up the cool. That isn’t what that thing was.

And so yes, in thinking about what sequels could be, the primary conversation was and always will be, what we can do that is also special, that hasn’t happened yet. Not just for the Predator franchise, but for this kind of genre in particular. Can we still be doing something cool?

A thing I say quite a bit in the development phase is make sure that everything is only this movie, only this movie can we get this kind of scene or that kind of sequence. Don’t want to have a scene in here that’s like, oh, that could have been in the other Predator movies, or that could have been this Marvel film or this Star Wars. Only in this movie can you get this kind of thing.

So that’s what we know so fat about a Prey sequel….

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