Quentin Tarantino’s Charles Manson script is ready…….

.......it was down to the last two people for 'old enough to know that long hair doesn't suit them' competition.......

With the stories of Harvey Weinstein getting seemingly worse by the day his old company are finding projects quickly being taken elsewhere most notably being the ninth and possibly penultimate film by Quentin Tarantino about bug eyed serial murdering lunatic Charles Manson.

A new Tarantino script has all the studios interested but after The Hateful Eight which was almost never made due to it being leaked online he and his managers are keeping a tight rein on his latest. Represented by the powerful William Morris Endeavour (WME) studio executives are being made to go through a complicated process to bid for his new film about the Charles Manson murders which is rumoured to deal with not just the tragedy but also phenomenon of Manson’s cult and the famous victims of their violence which included Sharon Tate, the wife of Roman Polanksi at the time.

Studios including Warner Bros. Pictures, Universal Pictures and Paramount Pictures are all interested, but if they want to bid on the script the studio execs have to go to WME’s Beverly Hills offices to see the script in person. After reading it the agents can then present deal points to allow the studios to bid for the theatrical rights. Netflix, Amazon and other streaming giants are not to be under consideration, only full theatrical distributors.

After this there will be a second round of discussions will be set where the studios can pitch Tarantino directly as well. It should be confirmed by Christmas at the latest. No word yet on casting but with its true life subject matter having touched Hollywood directly and Tarantino’s propensity for violence this could be something of a gamble for all concerned.


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