Quentin’s in town……..

........he had no idea how tall she was but he was being a little overfamiliar in greeting the invisible woman.......

Well sort of if you live in Jerusalem as Quentin Tarantino will be there for the 33rd Jerusalem Film Festival to accompany a screening of Pulp Fiction which will be projected from a restored 35mm print from his personal archive.

He’s one of a number of high-profile international guests attending the Film Festival (July 7-17) that will include Whit Stillman & Laurie Anderson also.

If you’re after tickets for the screening that takes place at the Cinematheque tomorrow Friday 8th) at 10pm then you’re too late as it’s sold-out probably because the director will participate in a live on-stage conversation following the film. It’s been seven years since he was last there and that was to promote ‘Inglourious Basterds’.

The other not inconsiderable matter is that having written and directed eight films he will be presented with a lifetime achievement award at the festival’s opening ceremony tonight which is pretty good going by anyone’s standards. Let’s just hope he announces his next film soon as rumour still persists that it will be Kill Bill 3……


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